Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Another day down...

11 days to go. I am not going back to my house today like I thought I would. My kids have so much stuff from Christmas that it is taking me forever to get everything packed and actually fit it into my car. I drive a Civic hatchback. When you add into that two car seats for the kids a cooler, my knitting things and all of the clothes and toys from Christmas it just won't fit. My mother is following me down to help bring all of it back to my house and try to squish it all in. I guess I am lucky that our house has so much room otherwise I would be in trouble. Well I think that I may have been drawn into wanting to knit a pair of Jaywalkers. I bought a hank of sock yarn a couple of days ago that I absolutely love and think that they will look great in that color. I thought that I would try to get some pics of the kids up on here.
Here is my son DSC00847-1

and here is my daughter.

These little munchkins are a big part of where my kitting goes to. My daughter wakes up every morning and asks if daddy will be home today. I am now starting on one of my new year's resolutions. I am going back on my diet. I need to loose about 40lbs. Two kids in two years is not very easy on a woman's body. Oh well off to go debate on if I should cast on for the Jaywalker's or not.

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