Monday, February 19, 2007

My Marine

family pics 184
This is the man that gave me two great children and helps in any way he can.
He has babied me the past couple of days not letting me get up off the couch to do anything. I am thankful everyday that he is here to help me and just cuddle up on the couch and do nothing. This is my Marine. I love him and what he stands for.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

One month and a big post...

Well it has been a very busy month for the family. Our son started to walk the day my husband came home from Japan. That in itself is a huge change. My hubby and I went on a Cruise to the Cayman's and to Jamaica. It was great, just what we needed. Some peace and quite and adult time. This is my favorite pic of the trip and it is from Jamaica.Jamaica 057
I have also been knitting alot in the free time. Here is an update on the Jaywalkers I started a while back. One is finished and the other is almost to the toe.
hey 034
I have knit a couple of washcloths which will be sent out with a couple of charity projects.
hey 030
The ball band washcloth. Also a washcloth from a group on yahoo.hey 032
My husband asked me for a pair of boot socks as his are getting holes in them. This is the first knitted item he has asked for besides a red, white and blue blanket. One sock is done and the second has been cast on. The other sock in the pic is a sock for another group on yahoo. I am starting the heel on that tonight.
hey 027
It looks like I will have alot more time to knit in the next couple of weeks. This is what I did yesterday on the way out to a cook out.hey 035
Cast material all the way from my toes up almost to my knee and Ace bandages wrapped all the way around. I am waiting ont the radiologist to see my X-Ray to see if I need a hard cast or not. The ER doctor said he could tell that I have torn muscles and other tissues in my foot and ankle. They told me I will probably have to come back in and get a cast because he thinks I have fractured a couple of bones. It looked like I had two ankles. On that note I will go and prop my foot up again and have hubby pamper me for a while.